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ATE Test Program Development

  • Experienced team with broad range of capabilities (hardware, software, PCB design, application and product engineering, project management)
  • Reliable, experienced, proven track record
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Test strategy planning (hardware, software, choice of equipment, instruments and accessories)
  • Customized hardware solutions including PCB design, FPGA, CPLD
  • Development of innovative methods to push the limits of instrument performance
  • Ultra-low noise measurements (down to 130 dBm)
  • Low-noise, low-distortion signal conditioning, filtering and measurement
  • Crosstalk, SSO, PDN (Power Distribution ) analysis
  • Expertise in different ATE systems like HP93000, Ultraflex, Catalyst and IP750EX
  • Implemented test solutions for a variety of IC blocks including Image sensors, SerDes, WLAN, Bluetooth, FM, PCI, USB, SDIO, Switching Regulators, LDOs, Memory
  • Developed ATE Image Sensor tests for projects on Ultraflex, Catalyst, and IP750EX
  • ATE Image Sensor test post-processing

Data Analysis & Test Infrastructure Development

  • Tester-to-bench and tester-to-tester correlation
  • Repeatability studies
  • Failure root cause analysis
  • Test data analysis and post-processing
  • Yield evaluation
  • Yield estimates
  • Providing "golden reference" data

Program Development and Production Testing at:

  • EAG, Santa Clara, CA
  • StatsChipPAC Inc, Milpitas, CA
  • ISE Labs Inc, Fremont, CA
  • Jazz Semiconductor Inc, Newport Beach, CA
  • Sigurd Microelectronics
  • Various other test houses and company sites